Tree Care

We take good care of our trees

So you can enjoy them for many years to come


We use water from two wells on our property and a holding reserve tank, with enough capacity to hold several days worth of water in case of a pump breakdown. We water our seedlings 5 and 15 gallon material with overhead sprinklers. And for our 30 to 200 gallon sizes, we use drip or emitter irrigation. We increase the number of emitters based on container size to meet the water demands of the tree.


We use chemicals on an as needed basis and as little as possible. Our spray program is designed to prevent fungus and insects from damaging our trees and causing unsightly wounds or blemishes. We spray with systemic chemicals which provide control for an extended length of time, thereby allowing us to spray less frequently. The inside of containers are also sprayed to prevent weeds from using valuable nutrients provided specifically for the trees.