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We deliver from our farm to anywhere within an 80 mile radius of Brenham, Texas as of preference. This includes the cities of Austin, Houston, and anywhere in between. Please refer to map. Depending on the amount or size of trees, we can go up to 100 miles radius. Our policy is to deliver your trees in top condition.

There is a minimum order of $1,100 worth of Trees and/or Planting (not including Delivery) to serve customers for areas that are more than 60 miles from PermaVista.

Delivery Charge is $3.68 a mile (applies only one way & per trip) if planting is included. With no planting included, the delivery charge is $4.10 a mile (one way only & per trip).

There is a Minimum Order of $500 worth of Trees for Delivery Services only after 60 Miles.

When delivering and/or planting trees of 200 Gallon, 300 Gallon, and orders of more than 6 Trees 95 Gallon sizes, there is an additional fee of $2.85 per mile (one way & one trip only) for the tractor required to unload the trees.