Standard Warranty

We guarantee to deliver viable, healthy material to your location or job site or when picked up at the tree farm. Once you’ve accepted the material, it’s your responsibility to ensure its survival.
PermaVista provides an Optional Extended 90 Day Warranty at the time of purchase.

Optional Extended 90 Day Warranty charges per tree are as follow:

Sizes Charges
15 Gal $11.85
30 Gal $27.33
45 Gal $54.75
95 Gal $96.75
200 Gal $179.70
300 Gal $269.40
  • 90 day warranty from date of planting.
  • No charge for replanting when the warranty is redeemed. Delivery charges will apply at a standard rate (one way) per trip.

Terms and conditions:

  • The extended 90 day warranty guarantees each tree for 90 days from the date of planting. This includes fungus and disease as described below (so long as the tree continues to be Triple staked).
  • Warranty will be voided if PermaVista does not install an irrigation system or if there is no existing irrigation system at the time of planting.
  • If tree is knocked down due to heavy winds from a storm or tornado, PermaVista will replant the tree at a minimum charge of 50% the normal planting fee plus the standard delivery charge (one way). PermaVista Trees must be notified within 24 hours of the occurrence to be able to guarantee the survivability of the tree.
  • In the event of replacement, the tree will be of the same size and specimen as purchased on the original invoice.
  • If the customer ensures an adequate supply of water to the tree, PermaVista trees will stand by its warranty. Irrigation system is required to water the trees on a regular basis.
  • Extended 90 day warranty does not include fertilizing, watering, pruning or trimming cost during the term of the warranty.
  • Warranty will be void if customer attempts to remove and replant product in a different location.
  • T- posts installed during planting must not be removed for the first 18 months, if these are removed it will also void the warranty.